DC Associados is the law firm that thinks and acts differently and was founded by a team whose purpose is to simplify law.

We represent interests of clients throughout a wide range of industries and profiles, including publicly held companies, investors, private equity funds/venture capital/hedge funds, invested companies and family businesses, officers, startups, entrepreneurs, and family offices. We have the expertise to do more with less: sophistication to interact with demands and expectations of C-level, board, shareholders and, at the same time, manage resources with efficiency and alignment, always through direct and objective communication, without legalese.

Our culture is based in principles, with no exceptions. In this way, we preserve the coherence of our choices, align our purpose and guarantee the perenniality of our firm. We practice, on a daily basis, the principles we believe in. Our attitudes are fully aligned with our speech.

The obvious must be said and done.

If you want to make a positive impact in the legal industry, send your resume to contato@dcassociados.com.br