“How to build a company where the best ideas win”

Give Law a Chance
14 de dezembro de 2017
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Ray Dalio is an inspiration to us. Founder of Bridgewater (bridgewater.com), one of the most respectful hedge funds and with the highest performance rate in the world, in this TEDx and in his excellent book, Principles (our “bible”), Dalio demonstrates, based in his experience, how ego and pretentiousness can hinder the process of value creation and delivery of results. He emphasizes how a strong culture, based in idea meritocracy, transparency and radical truth may generate a strong environment in search for a better result. We base ourselves in Dalio’s pillars and in the idea of creating relationships and meaningful work. We work hard to adapt this principles in our business on a daily basis, always putting our client’s interests in first place and searching for a better solution.

Fonte / Source: https://www.ted.com/talks/ray_dalio_how_to_build_a_company_where_the_best_ideas_win#t-17115