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Experienced lawyers who make it happen.

An alternative to big law:
transaction, consulting and litigation, with an ESG perspective.

Lawyers entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs lawyers.

Experienced team with an ownership mindset
and obstinacy for simplifying the law.

There is nothing more important to our business
than people and our reputation.

  • Luiz Osório Dumoncel
    “DC-Associados has been, since the first contact, in 2017, more than a legal consultancy. When we shared our company expansion project, even before being hired, we already felt the enormous engagement of DC Team, which turned into a solid strategic alliance, based on trust and professionalism. Congratulations on your trajectory and on the concept of uncomplicating the Law. May we continue to be very close, working in an ethical and dedicated manner. Thanks!”
    Luiz Osório Dumoncel
    CEO and Founder of 3tentos (TTEN3)
  • Gabriel Felzenszwalb
    “I have followed Daniel's career for over twelve years and I have always admired his view of law as a means to develop business and relationships. When he told me he was going to set up DC Associados, I was an enthusiast and a first-rate customer. Under Daniel's leadership, DC has brought together a vibrant and impressive group of professionals who share his vision: simplifying the law to solve problems and open up opportunities for its clients.”
    Gabriel Felzenszwalb
    Partner - Private Equity - Vinci Partners (VINP:US)
  • Marcelo Penna
    “DC Associados is formed not only by lawyers, but by entrepreneurs. People who decided to do something different and act close to the Client, understanding their real needs as daring business lawyers. ”
    Marcelo Penna
    Private Equity Investor
  • Alexandre Lindenbojm
    "DC Associados is a welcome surprise in the Brazilian law market. In a combination of commitment and relaxation, modernity combined with robust ideas and practices, the firm managed to create a highly differentiated multidisciplinary team, pro business and in strategic areas. It has been a privilege to exchange ideas and experiences - they are certainly among the top law firms we recommend to our clients."
    Alexandre Lindenbojm
    CEO - Wright Capital Wealth Management
  • Edward Wygand
    “I have followed DC Associados since its conception. I had an opportunity to be an office client and also work with a team in a business where I represented the opposite party in an M&A business. It was a pleasure to work with a team of professionals of such a high intellectual level, highly business-oriented, whose professional ethics is above all and is a non-negotiable clause. ”
    Edward Wygand
    COO Absolute Partners
  • Leonardo Sales
    “DC Associados goes beyond legal advice! They are true partners of Businesses that understand clients needs and defend their interests. As if they were partners in the company, they conducted the entire investment process in chiligum creatives in a clear, agile manner and always maintaining a Business language without complex legal terms! ”
    Leonardo Sales
    Co-founder Movile / Chiligum
  • Deborah Folloni
    "Most firms I know like to draft contracts for other lawyers to read. In this sense, the greatest differential of the DC team and Fernanda is the ability to create fluid and objective contracts, so that lay people understand, with very little legalese. The team's energy is also incredible, which makes a super difference in long negotiations. Thank you people!"
    Deborah Folloni
    Founder and CEO of Chiligum, Forbes Under 30
  • Alessandra Araripe
    “I met DC Associados by chance and their work proposal proved to be different from what we see in the market today. We soon decided to engage them in an important project for Braskem and the entrepreneurial and creative profile of the lawyers made the difference. DC brings a look that uncomplicates and adds value, quickly and straight to the point.”
    Alessandra Araripe
    Legal Director of Braskem (BRKM5:BZ)

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