Corporate and M&A

- Extensive experience in sophisticated transactions;
- Corporate takeover and shareholder activism;
- Acting in publicly-held companies and corporate routine in general;
- Legal support to Family offices and entrepreneurs.

Private Equity

- Representation of private equity firms and hedge funds in structured corporate transactions;
- Advising on invested companies and board of directors;
- Advising on the entire investment/divestment cycle.

C-Level, Board Advisory

- Advice to CEOs, C-level and senior executives on hiring for key positions and D&O, responsibilities, compensation packages, SOP, etc., negotiations;
- Representation of directors and board members in conflicts involving corporate bodies;
- Independent opinions in corporate conflicts involving managers and shareholders.

Contracts and Contractual Simplification

- Assistance in negotiating strategic contracts;
- Contract simplification solutions;
- Management of contractual routine.

Corporate Conflict

- Disputes between controlling and minorities shareholders;
- Representation in shareholder/board of directors’ meetings;
- Representation of shareholders and officers/executives in matters involving corporate conflicts.


- Risk identification and compliance analysis of activities in regulated industries;
- Advice on authorization and licensing processes;
- Support in transactions involving regulated activities.


Transversal skills for assessment and implementation of actions involving environmental, social and corporate governance aspects for investors and investees.

Litigation and Arbitration

- Negotiation and pre-Litigation
- Strategic litigation – administrative, judicial and arbitration
- Analysis of legal assets
- Credit recovery
- Legal Opinions


- Tax advice on corporate restructuring and new business modeling;
- Expertise in tax advice with a focus on family businesses and asset planning for individuals;
- Due diligence restricted to tax matters and mergers and acquisitions projects;
- Consulting and tax litigation for industry, commerce, services and financial and capital markets.

Labor and Collective Rights

- Representation in individual and collective litigation related to labor matters, including before superior courts;
- Strong performance in collective negotiations, unions and diffuse rights;
- Advising publicly-held companies, councils and executives on compensation and stock option matters;
- Solutions for creative economy jobs;
- Assistance with cases of harassment in the workplace;
- Assistance in due diligence and M&A processes.


- Assessment of environmental risks and liabilities for decision making processes.
- Environmental legal consultancy.
- Support for strategic environmental litigation.